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"The More the number of laws you claim to have- the more the number of laws you are going to miss."
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Level 13
Subscribed: 11/28/06
Logged stats 69 times!

Police Officer

Last 5 logs:
1sushi13Times logged stats: 254812/14/17 - 7:01 pm
LVL 56

Experience: 34770/34810
Blams: 16740
Saves: 47497
]--Total--: 64237
Voting Power: 9.71
Exp. Rank: #197
B/P Rank: #64
Posts: 2702
Medals: 548
Whistle: Deity
Supreme Commander

2Pyro-911Times logged stats: 355012/14/17 - 3:44 pm
LVL 60

Blank Slat
Experience: 48715/100000
Blams: 8099
Saves: 83282
]--Total--: 91381
Voting Power: 10.02
Exp. Rank: #51
B/P Rank: #27
Posts: 45
Medals: 343
Whistle: Normal
Supreme Commander

3MartinTimes logged stats: 177612/14/17 - 3:05 pm
LVL 50

Experience: 27640/27750
Blams: 11030
Saves: 71911
]--Total--: 82941
Voting Power: 9.12
Exp. Rank: #338
B/P Rank: #35
Posts: 557
Medals: 1358
Whistle: Deity
Supreme Commander

4BruMarioBroTimes logged stats: 243512/14/17 - 12:56 pm
LVL 50

Blank Slat
Experience: 27480/27750
Blams: 1664
Saves: 7209
]--Total--: 8873
Voting Power: 9.11
Exp. Rank: #342
B/P Rank: #931
Posts: 2
Medals: 1091
Whistle: Normal
Sergeant First Class

5JollyTimes logged stats: 250212/14/17 - 12:11 pm
LVL 52

Blank Slat
Experience: 29980/30020
Blams: 10318
Saves: 57151
]--Total--: 67469
Voting Power: 9.32
Exp. Rank: #292
B/P Rank: #58
Posts: 6403
Medals: 3526
Whistle: Deity
Supreme Commander

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