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"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom."

-George S. Patton
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User Of The Day (View past UOTDs)

Level 14
Subscribed: 06/25/11
Logged stats 53 times!

Police Lieutenant

Last 5 logs:
1DeanTimes logged stats: 146110/31/14 - 6:50 pm
LVL 46

Experience: 23110/23490
Blams: 732
Saves: 5674
]--Total--: 6406
Voting Power: 8.71
Exp. Rank: #398
B/P Rank: #1256
Posts: 10418
Medals: 127
Whistle: Silver
Staff Sergeant

2Bstuk2Times logged stats: 226510/31/14 - 6:10 pm
LVL 49

Experience: 25690/26650
Blams: 1200
Saves: 2060
]--Total--: 3260
Voting Power: 8.95
Exp. Rank: #295
B/P Rank: #2510
Posts: 1510
Medals: 339
Whistle: Deity
Private First Class

3skatin-andyTimes logged stats: 258110/31/14 - 5:28 pm
LVL 51

Movie Buff
Experience: 28840/28880
Blams: 19598
Saves: 57834
]--Total--: 77432
Voting Power: 9.22
Exp. Rank: #219
B/P Rank: #33
Posts: 1540
Medals: 2566
Whistle: Gold
Supreme Commander

4AmaranthusTimes logged stats: 1410/31/14 - 5:16 pm
LVL 26

Experience: 7210/7510
Blams: 94
Saves: 2020
]--Total--: 2114
Voting Power: 6.76
Exp. Rank: #3497
B/P Rank: #4020
Posts: 3914
Medals: 1114
Whistle: Gold
Police Captain

5RyanAnTimes logged stats: 141910/31/14 - 5:03 pm
LVL 57

Blank Slat
Experience: 35046/36070
Blams: 3566
Saves: 1753
]--Total--: 5319
Voting Power: 9.73
Exp. Rank: #105
B/P Rank: #1497
Posts: 1155
Medals: 1
Whistle: Silver

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