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Your Statistical Variations Today:Times logged stats: 2097
You lost 1 B/P Ranks today! Shit!
You lost 4 Experience Ranks today! Crap!
You lost 22 'AWESOME' points today. Time to build up some street cred!

Log time: 11:43 pm

Your latest stats:      Start logging on 11/13/07 - Logging rate : 58.53% (About every other day)
Level 50


Experience: 27280 (470 until level 51)
Level: 50
What you missed: If you deposited every day, you would have 40680 EXP and you would be Level 60.
Deposit rate: 67.06%
Time until next level: 0 year(s), 1 month(s) and 17 day(s) (on 21 Oct 17, that is).
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Time on NG: 11 year(s), 1 month(s) and 22 day(s) (=4068 days)
Experience per day: 6.706
Exp. Rank: #339 (-4 move since last log)
Base Voting Power: 9.09 (0)
Total Voting Power: 12.36 (36% B/P Bonus)

Blams: 1649 (+0 since last log)
Saves: 10999 (+3 since last log)
Total B/P points: 12648
Total B/P points acquired today: 3
Weekly: Stats not logged past Saturday! Stats are only counted from Saturday!
B/P until next grade: 1352
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Avg. B/P Points per day: 3.109
B/P Rank: #651 (-1 move since last log)
Protect/Blam Ratio: 6.667

WHISTLEOTHER STUFFHxC Graph (More graphs to be added, probably)

Posts: 351 (0.086 per day)
Posts that day: 0
Reviews: 100 (0.025 per day)
Reviews that day: 0
Review responses: 10 (0 since last log)
Response rate: 10%
Audio Reviews: 0 (0 per day)
Audio Reviews that day: 0
Audio Review responses: 0 (0 since last log)
Audio Response rate: 0%
Flash movies: 0 (0 new)
Batting Avg: 0 (+0 since last log):
Audio Tracks: 0 (0 new)
Medals: 97 (0 new)
Total stats gathered since last log: 23
Avg. total stats per day: 9.95
Total: 40476 (= exp + b/p + posts + reviews + medals)
Click the right half of the graph to advance, the left half to go back!:

Remark: Please tell me if the graph screws up.
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[X] 'Today' is only valid if you logged your stats yesterday. If not, it means since last log.
[X] Audio Reviews are now counted in the 'Grand Total Stats', because NG Log counts the way the 10k+ list does.

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