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Newgrounds Log Help


What is Newgrounds Log?

Newgrounds Log (NG Log) is made for users who would like to keep track of their stats, both the stats mentioned in the profile as other stats like the total of all the stats or the exp. per day. You will discover all this if you register and log in.

Using NG Log

Creating an account

First of all you will need to register.
To register, click the "join" button in the upper right corner of this page.
On the register form, you will be asked:
  • Your Newgrounds username
  • Your Newgrounds profile ID. Information on how to find it is provided in the register form.
  • Your e-mail. Just in case I need to mail you some news or important information about NG Log.
If you experience any problem registering, please PM me or post about it in the NG Log thread on the NG BBS.

Logging in

To log in, simply click the "Jack in" button, located in the top right corner of the site.
You will be asked your username and your password.

Username: The Newgrounds username you put when registering. If you changed your alias on Newgrounds, click the link provided to update your username on NG Log.

Password: The password (not necessarily the Newgrounds one).

Gathering stats

Before calculating stats, you must retrieve them! Click the "Get stats!" button in your menu (Log in), and NG Log will automatically retrieve most of your stats.

In your menu, you will now see information about your status on Newgrounds, such as # of Blams or Reviews per day, and a lot more. However, these stats are not complete. Sometimes, instead of the stat itself, you will read "Not Logged." This is because these stats are based on the stats you had the day before. So, you will have to log your stats again the day after to see those statistics appear.

The Rankings

As you might have seen, some lists are automatically generated on NG Log (Click here to see them). These lists are not based on the general NG stats, but only on the stats of the users registered to NG Log. Therefore they are not perfectly accurate, but still fun to have.


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