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Take a shit Get drunk

Posted at: 12/15/99 12:00 AM

Lmao I am God HxC LEVEL 99

Sign-Up: 01/01/06

Posts: 1.253E+23

Awesomeness: +∞

Stuff: †◊†

Click "Update preview" to preview your post here. Pretty obvious...

If it's the first time you use this list maker, I suggest you to play around with the preview a bit, before you post your list or start making one... BUT FIRST READ THIS:
I think what this page does is pretty obvious, though here are some instructions:
  • To add a congratulation, fill in name and achievement and select the type of achievement. Additionally, add some comments.
  • To mention a new B/P rank, choose (Custom: don't append) and type out the whole rank.
  • When you are done with your list, copy the text from the text box. NOT THIS text, because that will NOT work. After that, paste it in your post field and add whatever you want to, like responses to other people's posts or the tracks you've been listening to...
This was made for lazy people, like me. Hope you enjoy using it.
Or course, you might prefer the ol skool notepad, but that choice is up to you...