Portal Guard 3 - FAQ     

Note: This is the first functional release of Portal Guard 3. This version, and all subsequent ones, will check the website for upgrades. If a newer version is available, your current program will tell you so when you start it up. This way, you can all be informed as soon as fixes and updates have been made

Features added / bug fixes for version 1.00.00:
- Minimize to system tray
- Tracking of what flashes you voted on (auto with left-click or manual with right-click)
- Simple configuration editor
- Automatic new-version checking
- Top bar redesigned; version number more prominent

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback. Let's give this a run and see where it goes!


Welcome to the Portal Guard 3 FAQ. Before you install PG3, you should read through these notes and familiarize yourself with the system requirements, installation instructions and other details. This document will be changing over time, so please check back frequently.

Installation requirements:

This program runs on the Microsoft Windows platform, versions XP, Vista and W7. You need to have a persistent Internet connection (such as DSL, Cable or FIOS) on a PC that can run at a fair speed. You don't need a fire-breathing gamer rig, but don't try it on a Pentium III. It requires about 8MB to install and it does not use any more space after installation. Your screen resolution should be at least 800 x 600 (the main form is 800 x 350)

Download a copy of the zip file (PG3.zip) to your desktop.

Create a NEW empty folder on your desktop - name it "PG3Prog" - and open it.

While that's open - open up the PG3.zip file and copy (extract) all of the files into that new folder you just created. (You CANNOT run the program directly from the ZIP file)

Now all you have to do is to run the "PortalGuard3.exe" out of the "PG3Prog" folder...

For XP users: just double-click on it to start the installation.
For Vista and Windows 7 users: RIGHT-CLICK on it and select "run as administrator"

IMPORTANT NOTE: I had problems generating an installer that worked on XP or Vista - seems my rig running W7 Pro 64 uses some odd dlls that don't translate well into the Package Deployment wizard. But, if I just zipped up all of the modules and copied them as-is to another PC, they seemed to work okay. Oh well - so much for a slick installer.

Feel free to make a shortcut for the programon the desktop. It's ready to run now (but I'll tell you how to tweak it later in the FAQ)

Running the program

Click on the menu link or shortcut to start the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR VISTA or WINDOWS 7 users: If you get an error message about "unable to open PGV3.INI", then you will need to RIGHT-CLICK on the program link and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This happens once in a while, but not always.

UPDATE: An error may occur the first time you run it

Some users may get an error like this:

If that happens, you can register the file manually - only need to do it once per OCX:

Open the folder where all of the modules are, and right-click on MSFLXGRD.OCX

Select "Open With..."

You may get a warning, but click through it.

On the next screen, select "Select a program from a list of programs" and click [OK]

Then on the following screen, click on "browse"

Navigate to the folder "C:\windows\system32" and locate the program "regsvr32.exe"

Double click on "regsvr32.exe" - you'll be brought back one screen.

Make sure the checkbox "always use this program..." IS CHECKED - then click [OK]

You may get another "are you sure..." type message - YES / OK

Eventually, you will see the message "MSFLXGRD.OCX successfully registered".

If you get any other warnings about .OCX files, now all you have to do is double-click on them and they will be registered for you. You only need to do this once per OCX.

Now, when it all goes well you will see the screen like this:

After a few seconds, the program will start polling the Newgrounds Under Judgment entries, and it will shorrtly change to something like this:

The pop-up message is only displayed when a new flash entry was found that wasn't previously displayed. This means that the first poll shows them ALL new - well, they are all new - new to you, that is.

Here is a brief description of how the program works:

It's pretty much automatic. You minimize the polling program and do what you need to do - but when new entries are found, the pop-up will bring it to your attention. You just have to click anywhere on the row of an entry to open it up for viewing and voting - just make sure you're logged in, or you won't collect those valuable b/p points.

NEW: You can change the parameters of the program with the built-in simple editor.
Just click on the [Configure] button at the top - It's pretty self explanatory.

If you have the need to customize these certain features manually you can do a little bit of careful editing to the PGV3.ini file to suit your needs.

If you are comfortable in editting a text file, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the program folder (either c:\program files\portalguard3 or c:\program files (x86)\portalguard3) and then open up PGV3.ini for editing.

You should only edit the lines at the top of the file; changing anything below the "don't mess around with the values here" line will most likely render your polling program useless...

The lines look like this:


PollTime=60; time (in seconds) between polls
; Suggested range is 30 to 300

PlaySound=Y ;
; If "Y", enable sound effects
; sound files need to be in the same folder as the program

; When new entries are found, play this WAV file. For no sound here replace with "*none"

; When you wish to exit the program, this sound plays. To disable, change to "*none"

; When the polling cycle starts, play this sound. To disable, change to "*none"

; If you want a message to pop up when new entries are found, set to "Y" - otherwise, set to "N"

; After this delay (seconds), the message will automatically go away.

; Dont mess around with the values below this line

The semi-colons are comment markers; the text above in white represent the actual parameters. All are pretty much explanatory.


Can I use my own sounds? Yes, you can. Make sure that they are in .WAV format and that they reside in the same directory as the program. I provided a small sample for you so you can try it yourself if you desire.

Why is the poll time changeable? Depending on the activity of the portal - and how busy you are - you can tailor this to your needs. Too short a period (30 seconds) might just waste time with extra polling, and too long a period, while giving you less interruptions, may make you miss an entry or two.

Can I change the actual pop-up message? Yes you can - but it can't be more than 50 characters long

Sometimes the polling program comes back with NO entries - but on the next poll, the list is okay. What happened? This program polls Newgrounds and reads the actual HTML from the displayed pages to extract out the new program information. If the Newgrounds server is under a heavy load, or down for maintenance, then no data may be returned. Also, you may be experience connection lag on your end. I wouldn't run this program while playing a LAN-intensive game like World of Warcraft or League of Legends.

I messed around with the INI file, and now it won't work right. What do I do? Best bet: get a fresh copy of the program from the website and overlay what you have on your PC.

Under Vista or Windows 7, I keep getting odd errors concerning security during installation. Please make sure that you have started the installer program by RIGHT CLICKING on the PortalGuard3.exe program and select "run as administrator". If you did, and you still have issues, PM me with every detail you can.

I'm running Linux, Ubuntu or Mac - why you no have program for me? I am looking into creating a java-based version of this program that can run under any browser. I may incorporate the use of a free web scripting tool (like iMacros or Selenium) that would run under Firefox - which I know runs on just about any platform. The trickiest part is to load up a web page "silently" and parse the contents into a data table. But that is in the works.

Will you make the source code available to the general public? Yes, once I get a stable version running with some of the modifications out there, I'll add a link on this page for the source code (it's written in good old VB6). This way, if anyone wants to make their own version, they are welcome to do so.

Well, that's about it for now. Keep using it, and let me know how else it can be improved.

Take care,