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Standard Website Packages
You have a choice of three standard website packages:
3-Page Basic Site
$359.99 Setup Cost

$24.99 / Month Maintenance
Recommended Pages*
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5-Page Standard Site
$549.99 Setup Cost

$29.99 / Month Maintenance
Recommended Pages*
 [Click Here to View Sample Site] 
10-Page Pro Site
$999.99 Setup Cost

$34.99 / Month Maintenance
Recommended Pages*
Contact Us
Food / Drink Menus
Photo Gallery
Private Parties
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Notes About Website Packages

Your maintenance plan includes these types of updates:

- Replace a menu with a new or modified menu (same size)
- Update contact name, address, email, etc. information
- Update Review page (text only)
- Update Photo Gallery (6 photos per update max)
- Update Online Coupons (4 per update)
- Any text update of 20 lines or less
- Update a single (non-gallery) image on any webpage
- Any change requiring less than 1/2 hour of work

When you request a change (via e-mail or postal mail), it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to confirm the change. If this change does not qualify
as a maintenance update, or if you have used up all of your included maintenance updates for the year, you will be informed as such. In that event,
if you still require the change to be made, you will be sent an approval for an estimate for the work to be performed, at a rate of $80 per hour for
programming and testing. Once you approve the change request, the work will be performed and you will be sent a separate invoice for the task,
which will be payable upon reciept.

If you confirm a change request that is applied to the site, and then change your mind afterwards to change it again, that will be considered
a new and separate change request.

Maintenance plans start on the date the website is published, and runs for 1 year. All maintenance plans are billed and payable at the start of the year.
Monthly payments are an option via ACH transactions


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