End-User Training

Now that you have all this equipment, what do you do with it?

Simple - Let WKR teach you how to use it!

Whether you are new to PCs and Windows, or you're a seasoned user facing a new software package,
the training staff at WKR can teach you all you need to know at a pace that's comfortable to you.

Even though we know quite a bit about technology, we won't talk down to you or make you feel insecure about what you do (or don't) know.

We remember that at one time or another, ALL of us had to start somewhere.

Let us give you that hand up so you can use the tool in front of you the best way you can - for your business!

WKR can handle one-one, small groups and even large classrooms - whatever you feel will be most effective for your business.

We use a hands-on approach that lets students work on PCs which will mimic what they will be using in their job function -
- but with none of the fear of deleting or damaging the system.

The best teacher is experience, and sometimes that experience means learning from your mistakes.

Users will be able to get that experience - without any negative consequences at the office. Removing that fear means everyone moves forward!

Before we begin a training session, we will do a general overview of those who will be trained so we can scale our presentation and curriculum to our target audience.

We may split a large class if there are obvious groups of knowledge levels that need to be handled at different paces.

And all training will be supplemented with digital media that will be left at your site for reference at your fingertips.