Custom Application Programming

There are times when you can't find an "off-the-shelf" package to solve your business needs.
Or maybe you have an older system that is no longer supported by the vendor.

In many cases, your company may need a solution that you can only think of... but you can't seem to find a solution anywhere.

At WKR, we can examine your business and build those bridges between systems, providing functionality your company needs

This programming can be done on many system platforms - and even across them:

** IBM S/36, S/38 and AS/400 midrange systems **
** IBM PC/Compatibles - All versions of Windows **
** Apple O.S. **

All levels of programming can be performed, from assembler and C++ to VB scripting and stand-alone coding to Java, PHP, HTML and ASP on the web.

If you have a proprietary language on your system, don't worry... our qualified staff have plenty of experience and will learn it quickly for you.

Don't know what this all means? That's okay - we'll handle all the details for you.

Just tell us what YOU want - we'll find a way to make it happen.